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Evnu Prastowo do not need to experience changes your body in the Honda CBR 250R. This is because simple. Since the body has raised standards sporty impression. So, simply reinforce the impression of a game with the legs. This motor, also used daily, Cuy!

Sure, CBR 250R legs look a little thinner compared to variants which exist within the 250 cc class. Thus, Evnu his focus on the leading and rear legs. "Supported muscular legs that might be great," said the person who also modifiers of the Motor Thole.

The leading, not half! Thole, Evnu close calls, replace the conventional shock absorbers wear quasi models inverted radial-owned Honda CBR 600R. "Upside down is really just like baseball also Suzuki GSX 600R, you realize," the storyline of 40-year modifier in depth about tomorrow.

Within the installation, baseball a lot done. Simply adjust as komstir. Owned replaced CBR 600R CBR 250R's life they can be capable of getting in to the hole with a fitting. Moreover, not just inverted are carried off. But, following a complete handlebar and top-down triangle. Indeed, baseball stuck towards the handlebars from the body, when she turns, the nut as komstir participate fouled a couple of.5 cm.

This is the main reason Evnu why pick the legs of a 600 cc Supersports moge. "The room is quite cramped cockpit from the CBR 250R. Thus, the option was playing in 600 cc bike, "said Thole who loves to be funny when he isn't a comedian.

Use any CBR 600 front tomorrow, Thole mencoak little body inside. Otherwise it might be hard to turn tuh. Well, imagine the way it tomorrow as using aliases 1,000 cc motor cycles. "Except if you wish to offset alterations in your body and a wider dimension, that's baseball problem," open the workshop owner from Jl. Serdang Baru No.. 7, Central Jakarta.

The rear also didn't wish to miss. Swing arm, still plucks owned Honda Supersports. Technique same make of motorcycles, have proven benefits. Namely, your swing arm design CBR 600R and 250R adopts type A. So, baseball must alter the construction again.

Begitunya adjustments still be achieved. Because CBR 600R swing arm is of sufficient length, then there's little cuts. "The front from the arm close to the hole being an arm is cut a couple of cm. If baseball, yes stuck chassis, "said the daddy of two children.

Additionally, since the motor can also be tried on the extender daily. If you are using your swing arm length, quite problematic when it rains. Tires splashing water cannot be blocked completely through the fender. Dong tuh dirty jackets!

Then, re-bushing arm made from steel pipe diameter as 15 mm. Create a stern bearing performance shock absorbers, luggage CBR 600R pro link remains enabled and never permitted to move. Sok, disposable property CBR 250. Now, the front-rear legs look stocky!

It might be a referral.

Front tire: 120/60-17 Pirelli
Rear tire: 180/55-17 Battlax
Caliper: Tokico
Headlights: HID Xenon Light
Thole Motor: 0811-872-325

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