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This is about modifikasi kawasaki ninja 250 R centil pink, First look at this bike when making an appointment for a photo shoot, frankly a little surprised amused. That's because the Ninja 250R is usually dimodif with frightening concept and male, this time comes with a coquettish look. Though the owner macho abizz with full body tattoos.

"Do not laugh, yes, look at my bike. The concept is there is a request from the wife," said Roy Gunawan when we met. Roy is offering this bike for his wife to be creative in defining the view. In particular airbrush colors and patterns.

Indeed, this modifikasi kawasaki Ninja is now enhanced with a floral motif. "The name of design is called a vector, it is the term for motifs with flowers like this," continued the man is bald again. But he obviously is not too complicated, but the creation of images and body composition between tetapl must be considered. While the selection of the wife's pink because they've never seen Ninja 250R with a sassy color like this. "Though initially would choose the orange, but the wife is curious about the screen like this. Yes finally the incident, deh," said the husband who was really dear wife.

Since the effects of selection and the color motif is already excited, why would Roy baseball bermian many colors. "Enough with the combination of white and pink," said a member of West Ninja Chapter with number 058 members this. To paint, Roy brand chose Spies Hecker. "Based on the experience if we are using the brand's colors produced more outgoing and the life," he added. Indeed, with the selection of such motifs is expected picture of life, not to seem so dead flowers.

As a result even though very minimal changes are made in the sector body, due to the selection of graphics like this makes the bike already looks so much different. This could be a trick worthy to be followed. Of course you should choose the motif that is preferred. Reckless in the affairs of the color selection may also be tried. Of course it took mentally for it. Ready diledekin or could even be an honor. "But, certainly have seen no standard anymore. That's the most important," Roy steady.

Focus Performance

If you notice the outside view, the Ninja 250R has Roy is not much change. In addition to color only the installation of some parts of its body parts are bolt-on. Suppose a single seat.

That's because the father of a child are more focused on up-grade performance. "Not that I want to race but this bike is very pleasant to be speeding. Happens want to continue speeding."

Roy initial step begins with Leo Vince SBK exhaust replace Carbon full system. What is meant by full exhaust system is a single packet from the header or the neck to the muffler.

It is said that he thought this replacement can increase the power of nearly 5 hp. "Moreover, added the use of open filters from K & N, it is enough to make this bike get applause," he said.
Front tire: 120/60-17 Battlax
Rear tire: 150/60-17 Battlax
Rims: Rossi
Windshield: MHR
Steering Dumper: KTC

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