Modifikasi Honda CG 125 1977

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Modifikasi Honda CG 125 1977, Deddy Permadi, rider of the team Indoprix Tunas Jaya Federal Oil INK, usually ducking bring the motor in the circuit. But, on the highway can be a relaxing time betot motor modif older-style dirt track or screambler. Basics of CG125.

Modifikasi Honda CG 125 1977
Modification starts from the front leg stretcher following a shock absorber Honda GL100 triangle. The most frontal changes occur in order. Combined pipe 3 and 1.5 inches, he contrived simple bicycle frame kayaks. In fact, part of the framework that serves as a rear swing arm rigidly constrained alias without a silencer. "Make your own tank of galvanized plate behind komstir pairs. Modifikasi Honda CG 125 1977, Then plug the Vespa seat in the middle frame, handlebars Honda Tiger, homemade exhaust. Only the engine and frame number of the original, "said Tombro, modifier D-45 on Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 187, Depok Sleman, Yogyakarta. Problem machines, Dedy know very well. Modifikasi Honda CG 125 1977,  Hence the famous CG125 Honda engine powerful and remarkable because it does not wear kamprat chain, but use the push rod, just replace the carburetor's Honda GL100. "After dimodif like this, prove to ride the bike can nyantai also fun and fresh air can also see the sights," lid Dedy is also the owner of this D-45.

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