Suzuki Hayate Street-Racer

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There was an interesting booth PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) in Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) 2011.
Besides displaying the latest range of products such as Axelo Suzuki, Titan, and two big motor bike (Suzuki GSR GSXR 750 and 600), there is one interesting scooter. Suzuki Hayate is a different appearance.Suzuki Hayate accidentally showing a modified version that increasingly looks more energetic and macho.
Suzuki Hayate Street-Racer

Ambassadors Irfan scooter with this Street-Racer-style blended with the gray-metallic color. Recomposition looks ranging from casual view mirror model combined brake handle with color harmony beremblem MotoGP motorcycle body.Her face more beautiful with the mini windscreen and the handle grip combines a black and orange color.
To get the front suspension is more comfortable as well as selected Seven-Speed ​​disc from Zox front disc brakes to get better accuracy.

Turning the stern mounted muffler or exhaust cover with color ornaye. Color matching is also visible on the threaded rear suspension and front-rear wheels list. Orange aura is also displayed on the rear handle.

While the body-mounted emblem Street Racer on the front wings as a sign of a special edition. Hayate can be bought at a price of Rp 1 million more expensive than the standard version (USD 14.3 million).

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