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PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) will conduct a test of endurance Suzuki Shogun Axelo 125 for 100 hours. This activity will prove Suzuki motorcycles have a formidable with a powerful engine.After the success of the test performance of Suzuki Shogun 125 Axelo touring 20 cities in Java and Bali some time ago, now Axelo will conduct a series of endurance test of 100 hours nonstop.The plan of this endurance test will be conducted on June 15 to 19 on the circuit Binuang, South Kalimantan. A total of three units Suzuki Shogun  Axelo125 will be used in the event of this endurance test.

Axelo be ridden alternately by about 30 riders. With kitchen runway had 125 cc, Axelo produce a more powerful acceleration and top speed is higher.

The rider will menggeber Axelo Suzuki Shogun 125 nonstop on the circuit that has a 1850 meter long track. And the machine will remain alive at the turn of the rider and refueling.

Armed with a cylinder with Suzuki Composite technology Electrocemical Material (SCEM), which serves to minimize friction and ease the weight of the cylinder, which affect engine performance more efficiently and make the machine more durable.

Suzuki increasingly convinced by the record-breaking endurance test for the first was held on the island of Borneo, in cooperation with PT Abadi Sentosa Delta, as the Suzuki main dealer in Central and South Kalimantan.

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