Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio by Custom Bike (RCB) Purwokerto

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Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio by Custom Bike (RCB) Purwokerto, By construction, Yamaha Scorpio has several advantages to fit the desires of consumers who like the concept of responsive power. For example 225 cc engine torque is strong and good handling with berwheelbase short order.

"It's just unfortunately the body is still commonly wrote. Not good for nampang. So I changed to be ready to peck. Kan Scorpio is the scorpion that had a tail could peck the opponent. That is to peck the opponent in the arena contezt modification," open Suripto of Ripto's Custom Bike (RCB) , Navan.

Body changes so super important. Bowo's motor is working at Pertamina, Cilacap, was prepared and to compete in the arena contezt. Ripto was greeted well-known modifier of this body stringing pattern with the concept of street-style ighter West Java Style aka WJS.

Hence, the modifier kucil aka skinny little cut out the rear chassis. That is, cut from the base of the chassis in the back seat as the swing arm. For new construction in order to make Ripto's tail is shorter and simpler.

Chassis top center also trimmed back bone. Instead, "Wearing a 22.5 mm pipe as a new order. Its function is just a front seat holder. While the holder under rada deliberately shifted so as not to be seen piled up between the body and the swing arm. It has a distance but still looks dynamic," that makes cuap Ripto outlets in Jl. Kutaliman, RT 1 / 2, Kedung Bull, this Purwokerto.

Hence the framework of the new construction is more simple. End of the rear body mounting bracket only minor wear. Processed body, Ripto Bulldog concept refers to the application. Small tails with the front of the body. The early part of the body refined focus on the dimensions of the tank.

For matters of the tank, just measure the dimensions Ripto seats, made with a high of about 70 cm from the ground. That's according to posture Bowo the mediocre.

Looks great indeed, but if a look the new top of the tank actually discovered that the dimensions are small. "Deliberately created flat on the back, so delicious dikempit if used riding. Looks great because I made the wing tanks with a design width of the tank together. But it's all knock down, could be removed anyway," said modifier is not never been this quiet order.

Finishing, overall body tone dikelir candy black, green and orange glitter to amaze the jury contezt. In this section Upenk handed over to the cultivation of Jl. No. Sulawesi. 16, Cilacap. (

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