Modifkasi TVS Tormax 150 Racing Style

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Modifkasi TVS Tormax 150 Racing Style, From birth duck TVS Tormax 50 already provided a fairly sporty look. Consequently be more easily modified, this is evidenced by PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia (TVS-MCI). ATPM TVS TVS is displaying a modified version Tormax 150 in the arena Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ).
Modifkasi TVS Tormax 150 Racing Style

One of the most gahar is colored green. For this one project, TVS-MCI took home modifications Blessing Motor (BM) as executor.

"The shape is already sporty, so to pursue the concept of racing style enough to play the legs," Rudy Gunawan open from BM. The man who hung his workshop in the region Kreo, Tangerang, Tangerang is also directly apply to muscular stance and the wheel rim.

Tiger rim wear variations Axio bars labeled 3, the size is 2.5 inches in front and 3.5 inches for the rear. Tires too wide, the front wear is a rear 110/70-17 110/70-17. Although the width, Rudy admitted there was no change in the swing arm and front sokbraker. "Load tuh inserted large rim and tire. Swing arm is still the standard re-let's just dikondom stocky. The front also triangles dilebarin baseball needs," explains this white man.

Finished pairs of wide tires, front brake discs made double. "Let the more viscous it is sporty," Rudy said that just changing the body's tail section with a custom fiber.

"Undertail its custom disposable fiber. Let me be more pointed tanks must dipapas little bottom. Keep the seat is also made single-seater with a cover that can be opened and pairs so that when they want to live rode off alone," he explained at length.

Finishing of course a matter of color, Rudy chose the white-green color of Spies Hecker paint. Let the more sporty, graphic printing motif combined with water in some parts such as carbon handlebar cover and air grilles on the front body. Matter of costs, it turns out baseball a lot loh. "We limit the baseball up to Rp 10 million, the goal is to prove the modification Tormax not need a huge cost," explains Sari Nurlida Fatmika, Corporate Communication, PT TVSMCI.

"Time is also quick pengerjaanya were given only two weeks. Can quickly because modifications are also relatively mild," whispered Rudy. Well, it's efficient, fast, maximum results. Mantab! (

Data Modification:
Condoms swing arm: Custom
Rim DPN / blkg: Axio crossbar 3
Ban DPN / blkg: Corsa 110/70-17/110/70-17
Front fender: Aftermarket (ZX-6)
Front disc: Aftermarket
Rear disc: Honda Tiger Revo
Exhaust: Stainless by BM
Single seater: Custom (fiber)
Thanks to Motor: 021-93517093

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