Modif Kawasaki Ninja for Manchester United Lovers

Posted by Erick Widyanto

Modif Kawasaki Ninja for Manchester United Lovers
True what they say when it is love lost all logic. This is what is currently experienced during Zulkifli a club like Manchester United soccer club from England.

"I deliberately change the Kawasaki Ninja 250 R mine this by attaching a symbol of my favorite club Manchester United. Indeed, I initially made like this because I'm sure the club Manchester United can win the European Champions League 2011, but although I had no champion to the attention of the crowd and even many who want berphoto with my bike, "said Zulkifli when contacted detikOto, Saturday (06/18/2011).

Zulkifli great addition to put a sticker emblem Manchester United in the fairing, this man had come to put a sticker indicating that it has become his favorite club champion to 19th in the league on the front.

"In addition to the fairing I also add stickers numbered from 19 to indicate that my favorite football club has won all 19 matches in the Premier League. However, if Manchester United won the Champions League would have no sticker indicating that the MU has become the European Champion 2011," Zulkifli told me about his favorite club while regretting not become champions.

But all that does not reduce the elegance of the 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250 R hers this time. Well want to know the results of other modifications which do Zulkifli? It is better you see this one.

When viewing the first time you will surely see a very different view is offered along Zulkifli his Kawasaki Ninja 250 R. With still showing the original form of this black man managed to combine the emblem 'Red Devils' very charming.

But do not think of one eye of these vehicles, despite already having a good performance Zulkifli still tinkering a little on the dapurpacu of Kawasaki Ninja 250 R, which in total cost of a whole spend USD 21 million.

"I changed a little piece of machinery that has been ported polish, besides using CDI BRT I-DTSi, jetting dynojet kit, KNN filter, exhaust Jardine RT-5, and I changed the rear Hugger custom," he said.

Do not stop there Zulkifli also added other small accessories that add elegance of his motor bongsor this. As Stang Vortex, Handle bar Bikers, Footstep X-Race, speddo indiglow, HID Lamp Provision (4400k), RPM rear shock.

But still there must Zulkifli taste changed, Zulkifli also said that still has the delusion that mounts diprojek next remodel.

"Right now I am still quite satisfied, but I think I will change a little Kawasaki Ninja 250 R belong to me. I am going to change the front suspension upside down or by using waste MOGE and I'll add a double disc of course I'll look more macho, "Zulkifli lid.

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