Motor Concept: Scorpion Chopper motorcycle from Slovenia

Posted by Erick Widyanto

Scorpion Chopper motorcycle from Slovenia

Motor modifications to the concept chopper handlebars typically have a higher position than the position of the shoulder.

However, this habit of trying to change the modifier of the origin of Slovenia Igor Akrapovic.

As reported by Topspeed on Friday (06/24/2011) Akrapovic along with his colleague the Dreamachine Motorcycle Chopper highly developed showing the robustness of the motor. Chopper motorcycle is named Morsus Custom Chopper.
Scorpion Chopper motorcycle from Slovenia

With a unique curve of silver frames, and carbon rim size 26 inches, if on the road, surely this motor can turn the eye of the beholder.

"This project is a big challenge for me, I admire the work of Igor Akrapovic, and I want to combine the two world motor racing and modification," said Project Leader Motorcycle Tomaz Capuderz Dreamachine.

With the frame, the motor looks like a bicycle. "Yes it was her idea, and quite challenging. But I'm quite satisfied with the results. The body of the bike so it looks like a scorpion," he said.

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