Discover and Bajaj Avenger Ragu Bring to Indonesia

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Despite a series of testing, the motor manufacturer Bajaj claims still thinking to take Bajaj Discover and Avenger to Indonesia. Bajaj argued that they do because it is still focused on variants of the Pulsar. Vice President Director of PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia Dinesh Kulkarni said their main focus is still on the Pulsar although it did not rule out other variants will they bring to Indonesia. "We're still at the Pulsar concentration, so in the near future may not have been.

But it is possible we will take in the future," he said. As reported earlier, Bajaj known some time ago was to test four new motorcycles in Indonesia, which consists of three types of Bajaj Discover and 1 type Avenger. Looking at the products tested, it appears that variations segment to grasp this manufacturer from India. Because if the variant Pulsar is a motorcycle sport that prefers sportivitasnya side, Discover is a motor sport who prefer a more functionality as well as the Avenger Bajaj Discover motorcycle touring.vUntuk 100 DTS-Si engine have a capacity of 94.38 cc 7.7 bhp powered the can dikail in rotation 7500 rpm with a torque of 7.85 Nm. If the motor is actually born in Indonesia, then you could say this would be a motor sport with the smallest engine capacity in Indonesia and this may also be a motor that has the most affordable prices in the Bajaj family. While Bajaj Discover 125 is the newest family in Discover and has a capacity of 124.6 cc. The machine is able to generate power 11 bhp at 8000 rpm with a torque round of 10.8 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The Bajaj Discover 150 of the above is an elder of the two motors before and have a powerful 13 cc engine 144 PS at 7500 rpm with a torque of 12.75 Nm at 5,500 rpm. And finally, the Bajaj Avenger 220 DTS-i. In the design of the motor is different from the Pulsar and Discover. Because if these two variants were to choose a model naked bike, Avenger looks more like a sport bike cruiser. This motor is holding a 4-stroke engine, single cylinder, DTS-i, water-cooled with oil cooler has a capacity of 219.89 cc. The machine was able to bring power up to 19.03 PS at 8400 propeller rpm with a torque of 17.5 Nm at 7,000 rpm rotation.

When all four products are realized into Indonesia, the Bajaj motorcycle line up will be fairly complete from 100 cc (Discover 100), 125 cc (Discover 125), 135 cc (Pulsar 135LS), 150 cc (Discover 150), 180 cc ( Pulsasr 180), 200 cc (Pulsar 200) to 220 cc (Pulsar 220 and Avenger 220). "Need I point out here that the testing and launch were two different things. All Bajaj motorcycles in India we will test in Indonesia. But we're not all will be launched," elaknya. Bajaj degree 'Pulsar must Lelaku Tour' And to prove its focus on the Pulsar, Bajaj was to hold an event titled 'Pulsar must Lelaku Tour' which is claimed as 'Indonesia 1st Freestyle Biking & Music Festival'.

The event will collaborate with a team high performance Pulsar Pulsar X freestyle riders biking, and rock music from the band top / rif. Tomotaka Ishikawa, President Director of PT. BAI, says the collaboration will establish a special formation which will be the identity (signature) for the Pulsar. "This form of collaboration is the first in Indonesia and is a form of affirmation of a new tagline Pulsar Men must remember that these three elements are combined, the motor sport, action freestyler, and rock music is synonymous with a masculine man and brave," said Tom San, greeting familiar to Tomotaka Ishikawa. Tom San added that this event will be held in seven major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Quezon, and Palembang on the weekend of March 31, 2012 until June 9, 2012 in rotation in each city starting at three afternoon until eleven at night. City road show that will open the Bandung. Group band / rif, which has personnel Andy (vocals), John (bass), Adji (guitar), Maggi (drums), and Ovy (guitars) states happy and proud to join in the collaboration must Pulsar Men Tour. According to Andy, in the collaboration / rif will appear along with the formation freestyle by Pulsar X Rider. "We are excited and interested in participating in this event. Motor man, music man, plus a freestyler is interesting collaboration. This is the first experience. Because there will be a moment of / rif and the collaborating freestyler, this first experience. Collaboration between music and freestyler," said Vocalist / rif, Andy. One member of the Pulsar X Riders named Harley, adding that the formation of this collaboration will be displayed in a special formation that was created for the Pulsar. "The level of difficulty is high, so it requires the ability of each team member is also high. Element of consistency, accuracy, and spectacular actions in this formation is the result of a serious exercise and of course supported by the high performance of Pulsar motorcycle itself, "he explained. "When asked to select the motor what will digunkan in action this time, we chose the Pulsar 220," he added. Besides the peak of the collaboration, visitors in each city will be treated to performances by local bands and can participate in various contests and games.

In addition, for visitors who want to try the performance advantages of Pulsar, can do a test ride in the arena that has been provided in addition to a variety of exciting games. "Action is our freestyle title to demonstrate the capability and performance to the Pulsar. Action is performed by professionals, so we do not advise people to do it on a public street," complete Kulkarni.

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