Modified Yamaha Vixion Change to Ducati 1198

Posted by Erick Widyanto

Who does not dream to have a sport bike like the Ducati 1198. With the appearance of muscular and fierce look in each corner, making the dream of every rider to have it. But not for Billy Wicaksono commonly called Ega. Full support of his parents make his dream memujudkan Ega, to change the look of the Yamaha V-Ixion to his 2011 Ducati 1198. Finally Ega dream come true to have a Ducati 1198, even the middle of the center of attention wherever located Ega. With cold hands modifier via Topo Goedel Atmodjo, Ega now can smile happy. "Ducati 1198 has exceptional design, sporty, elegant. And this has been a 1198 Ducati motorcycle of my dreams," said Billy Wicaksono is also one of the college students in Depok, West Java.
Modified Yamaha Vixion Change to Ducati 1198 photo

 With his own original idea to have a Ducati 1198, also visited the workshop Tauco Ega Custom to make it happen. Sure enough plain view V-Ixion transformed into a Ducati 1198. Well to find out what changes are contained in the body V-Ixion you should see this one. Ega entrust part of the body to put white color throughout the body, aka 1198 Ducati V-Ixion, and to realize a solid body attaching plate qalvanis Topo 0.8 mm. As the tank, Swing Arm, Fairing. "At first, this bike has a golden color, but I changed into a white violet violet. Besides I like the color white, my vehicle registration is also white," said Ega. Do not stop there, for more involved attaching Ega turn color gold accessories. As part of the legs Ega using MGV gold rims wrapped in 120/70/17 front Batlax Bt.45.

And to the rear bgian using 150/70/17 size which is also wrapped with Batlax Bt.45. For the front suspension, Ducati 1198 version of the V-Ixion's Byson adopted. Footstep part, Ega entrust Yoshimura. And for added comfort Ega choose Pinch Stang. The final touch on the exhaust Akropovic seen protruding below the back of the headlamp. "Overall I have to spend up to Rp 30 million from the initial first modif. And I am very pleased with the look of my bike now," he said with a smile.

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