Scorpio modif-Z, Change Clothes added cool

Posted by Erick Widyanto

The desire to have different vehicles with other vehicles, making modifying vehicles is something the right choice. As experienced Mulyono when you want to try to change the look of his Scorpio-Z into Motor Sport 2008 Yamaha M1. And direct, referring Mulyono Tauco Custom home modifications to change the ordinary appearance of the vehicle into an extraordinary vehicle. But before Mulyono must adapt to the needs of the motor is used daily. To fit the needs of Topo Goedel Atmodjo as boss of Tauco Custom trying to change the look of the entire body of Scorpio-Z using the full set of body 0.8 mm galvanized plate. Without significant obstacles.
Scorpio modif-Z, Change Clothes added cool photo

Very clearly visible grooves for captivating grooves on his fairing, tank and seat. "I deliberately steer Scorpio-Z motor sport is to become an elegant and charming," said Topo. Then, Topo involved adding trinkets to add a sporty impression in the body of Scorpio-Z. As seen on the head lamp, using the Topo-owned Honda Vario, while the stop lamp bungbon property. The legs pulled off the shock front Topo Byson Yamaha's, a part Chemco put a rim. The original rims were made ​​in the country wrapped in 100/70/17 Corsa tires (front) and 140/70/17 rear tires wrapped Corsa. Feet off the affair, Topo recommend using the rear brake's Suzuki Satria F150. And to increase the effect of harmonization, a part of his foot pag Yoshimura entrusted to accompany Mulyono drive. In addition, to enhance the driving comfort-Z Scorpio pinned the handlebars of terlanjut gambot ride it. Well done business before, now to stern. As usual, if the tail is not worth it then the result will be 'katro'. Therefore Kwangen themed custom exhaust from Exhaust Specialist pinned. Well, it seems Mulyono will be the center of attention in the street while driving ni. Congratulations bro.

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