New Honda Blade 110R modified

Posted by Erick Widyanto

New Honda Blade 110R modified
New Honda Blade 110R 2012 Honda-owned team grasstrack MPS Bantam KYT AHRS IRC (MHBKIA) ​​formulated Adli Yulizar Songa, Tunner's top asphalt racing. Songa, call top Adli Yulizar Songa, life moves a frog. Inhale ... squat ... SEEP .... jump like frogs. Well, sorry is not so mean.

Songa moves a frog that is used to mix formula is applied to a road race Blade grasstrack the race on the ground. Such as frogs, it is hooked to move from water to land. Frog was right in relying on the water swim techniques, but he jumped right in land. Huuups!

Songa actual ingredients that are also working on different baseball Indoprix Blade in Blade is worn away by F. Chimon, grasstracker MHBKIA. Version of the asphalt look at page 11. There are spurred Honda Blade Owie Nurhuda in Indoprix and HRC (Honda Racing Championship) also blends Songa. In the count, according to Songa, only difference in the ratio.

Noken duration of in-out valve 275. "The difference is also in compression and the ratio gearbox. The rest is the same for Indoprix like Blade, "which is based in Songa beber Joglo, Tangerang.


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